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1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Low Mileage - 52,500!

No Previous Accidents or Floods
One Owner

Hello and Thank You for your interest in the car.
I stopped driving this "Great Looking" car because I inherited a second car after my Father's death.  This Monte Carlo needed new brake shoes or possibly even minor brake repair and I just never bothered because I didn't need it at the time.  Next thing I know, three years has gone by and this car is still sitting in the driveway. 
Take a look for yourself!



Air Condition
Power Windows, Locks & Driver's Seat
AM/FM Radio & Cassette Player
Dual Air Bags
Alarm System



"Emerald Green"




Originally I parked the car because it needed brake shoes or maybe minor brake repair.   I thought it  needed a new battery but I tried the cables on it early Wednesday morning and everything powers up (lights, radio, alarm etc.) but the engine won't  turn over.  This might be the starter.  Because it has been sitting so long, it needs tires and of course registration is all outdated.  The right tail light has a small hole in it from "boys at play".  A brand new alternator was installed before I stopped driving it.
This is the perfect car for someone who knows a little about car repair.
YOU will have to tow the car away.
This sale will be for full payment in cash or money order and is FINAL.  Inspection by your mechanic is o.k.
I work evenings, so I am only able to show the car by appointment only  in the mornings or before 2 P.M. or anytime on weekends Friday - Sunday.
If still interested, call or E-Mail   me to set a time when you can check it yourself.
Thanks For Looking!
Bonita Fils