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Did You Know?
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StudyThese Tips Before Calling Any Air Carriers For Rates!!!


 You Shouldn't Compare Apples To Oranges?
You shouldn't expect to get the same fare from Carriers such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines as you get from budget airlines such as Southwest Airlines.  Those carriers with such frills as movies, meals and advanced seating will have higher fares than those that  offer the flight and drinks only.
Some Fees Are Imposed By The Government and Not The Airlines?
Since September 11, 2001, there are all kinds of new security and other fees.  These fees are not profits for the carrier and they cannot do anything about including them in your fare.
Special Meals Are Available For Special Health Conditions?
If you are traveling with a Carrier that offers meals, certain requests may be made for diabetic, vegetarian, low sodium low fat, hindu, children's and other meals.  Find out what options are available and make a selection that best suits your needs.
Reservation Agents Get Commissions When You Buy A Ticket?
Many people don't know this but the reservation sales agent gets a commission for the tickets that are actually purchased and when you board the flight.  So when you think they are trying to sell you a higher priced ticket, you are wrong!!!  They benefit from you purchasing a ticket and it is as much to their benefit to find you the lowest priced ticket to ensure that you purchase that ticket and enable them to earn a commission from that booking.  IF THE FARE IS TOO HIGH AND YOU DON'T BUY THE TICKET, THEY LOSE MONEY!
If You Call The Same Carrier Back, Another Agent May Give You A Better Fare ?
It's like any other business.  Some people will work harder for you than others!  Some agents are there just to make a base salary.  Others want to add big bucks to their paycheck in commissions.
Hang Up and Call Back!!!


One Way Tickets Are More Expensive?
A one way ticket is always full price regardless of the advance purchase.  Most Carriers charge approx. $100 to change or cancel a flight. So if a one way ticket to your destination is going to cost you $550, wouldn't it make more sense to purchase a round trip for $235 and pay the $100 cancellation fee for not using the other half? 
Pssst!  I didn't say that o.k.?
Change Fees Can Add Up?
If you purchase a ticket and later need to change it, your fare may not allow the changes without a change fee.  But if you really need to change and you pay the fee, then decide to call back the next day to change again, Guess What?  It's another $100 bucks.  Here's a tip!  If your carrier allows it,  don't pay the change fee until the day you depart and they will only be able to charge you once!

First Class?
If you purchase a first class ticket, it may cost you up to $2200.00
You can upgrade within two hours of the flight if seats are still available for approximately $300 additional dollars or less (one way).  Remember the carriers will upgrade their Elite Members (Those business travelers or companies) who pay thousands in airfare.  But just in case  they still have seats available after these upgrades, you can get into first class for a fourth of the fare.!
First Class Can Be Affordable ?
A first class ticket at the very least will cost you $2,000.  In some cases a very full, refundable, coach ticket (approx. $900) will land you in first class if seats are available.  But if you buy a coach ticket and call back to upgrade that ticket to first class, it may be as low as $200 to $300 to do so!  Remember, upgrades are one way.  Which would you rather pay; two thousand for a first class ticket or two tho three hundred for a coach ticket and upgrade?  The total fare would only be your base fare plus the upgrade for one way or round trip.
Experiment by asking the sales agent about a upgrade.  It will vary from one carrier to another !
Some Frequent Flyer Miles Expire?
Be careful, if you snooze, you lose.
 However, some airline carriers offer programs where your miles never expire.  Check around!